About Us

Our Vision

Center Shot Archery covers many aspects of a sport. Whether target shooting (paper &/or 3D), sharpening your hunting skills, or sharing a passion with family or friends, everyone can enjoy the archery experience.

Center Shot Archery has the vision to become the top archery retail and indoor archery shooting range in Northern Kentucky. Focusing on quality archery equipment and products that cover every customer's budget needs. Our focus on quality includes a low maintenance area, indoor shooting target lanes, and an indoor 3D target area. With a safe viewing/waiting area, the whole family can participate in comfort or enjoy a snack and watch the action.

Center Shot Archery

Company Goal

To enrich a shooter's ability to pursue their passion while enriching quality recreation and family time. Providing a facility that sells and maintains archery equipment with an open space to refine a shooter's skill. All in the comfort of a clement-controlled environment. We will strive to carry a shooter's every need for every budget.

Center Shot Archery

Meet the Family

Carl & Sandra Harney – Burlington, KY A family vision for Carl & Sandra has turned a dream into a reality. Born out of a desire to pursue a passion, gain personal knowledge, and strive to excel in a sport we love. Achieving that desire while working and/or playing alongside family and friends hit the Center Shot of our target.

With our dreams becoming a reality, we invite you to step behind our line and take aim; "DREAMS BECOME A REALITY, ONE SHOT AT A TIME."

Dreams can be a funny thing! But it's our dreams that push us forward and make us step up and take aim.