About Us

Our Mission Statement

Dreams Become a Reality, One Shot at a Time.
Provide a line of quality products for all types of archery shooters. Maintaining a safe place for archery shooters to test and use those products in the comfort of an indoor facility while offering a maintenance department on archery equipment. Grow from each customers experience to become the best indoor archery range in the tri-state area.

Company Goal

To enrich a shooters ability to pursue their passion while enriching quality recreation and family time. Providing a facility that sells and maintains archery equipment with an open space to refine a shooters skill. All in the comfort of a clement controlled environment. We will strive to carry a shooters every need for every budget.

Meet the family

Carl & Sandra Harney – Burlington, KY

A family vision for Carl & Sandra have turned a dream into a reality. Born out of a desire to pursue a passion, gain personal knowledge and strive to excel in a sport we love.  Achieving that desire while working and/or playing alongside family and friends hit the Center Shot of our target.

With our dreams becoming a reality, we invite you to step behind our line and take aim; “DREAMS BECOME A REALITY, ONE SHOT AT A TIME”.

Dreams can be a funny thing!  But it’s our dreams that push us forward and make us step up and take aim.

Contact Us

(859) 261-SHOT (7468)  or centershotarcheryky@gmail.com

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