Center Shot Archery

S3DA – CENTER SHOT ARCHERY CLUB  2020-2021 Season Info ****2020-2021 Season information is currently available.  Club signup can begin once you contact us.  Please visit again for updates



I look forward to meeting with everyone and working with everyone on a successful archery season.

For more information on this program, you can also contact Sandra @ 859-261-7468

Center Shot Archery

AND    Scholastic 3D Archery

Center Shot Archery, LLC is proud to announce its 4th year in a  program for Northern Kentucky kids interested in shooting archery.   We will be joining with other clubs in the RVAC (River Valley Archery Counsel)  to accommodate Scholastic 3D Archery (S3DA).  This Program will allow school age kids, grades 3-12, to compete with other S3DA kids in their own grade levels.  Types of bows include any and all compound bows (including open and fixed pin setups), and traditional bows.  There will be an Open Class for kids as well!  Scholastic 3D Archery is partnered with ASA, NFAA, USCA and Pope and Young Club.  S3DA, in partnership with USCA (United State Collegiate Archery Association), provides archers the opportunity to earn scholarships to various universities across the U.S.  For more information on college opportunities, visit the website  https://www.s3da.org

This program recognizes that archery education is about much more than how to shoot a bow effectively;  it also includes teaching youth about community support and involvement as well as the responsibilities that come with club membership.  And, of course, the end goal is that these kids are excited about archery and continue along the archery path.

We want to provide kids with more archery opportunities – opportunities that would keep them involved in archery for life.

S3DA Downloadable brochure –  https://www.s3da.org/3darchery-resources/s3da-brochure

Scholastic 3D Archery follows the ASA Rules of Competition – http://www.asaarchery.com/IP/index.php/tournament-info/rules

We are currently registering our club/team with S3DA.  If interested in joining our team “Center Shot Archery Club, LLC “, please forward us the following:

Shooters Full Name: ______­­­­­_________________________­­­­­­­_

Date of Birth: ___/___/____  Age: ____ Grade: ____   Shirt Size: _______ Youth or Adult

$25.00 check payable to S3DA  – this is for 1yr shooters liability insurance (2020/2021 Season)

Parents Info:  Name: ___________________ &/or ______________________

Address: _____________________________________________________

Cell # ____________________ &/or _______________________________

email: _______________________________ &/or ___________________________

Practices are currently being split up to comply with 6ft distance.

Practices are as follows:  Wed. 7pm-8pm, Fri. 7pm-8pm & Sun. 4pm-5pm  (call Sandy to choose your practice night)

For more information on this program, you can also contact Sandra 859-261-7468